Élodie Sire's Dieppe House

I've had these images of Élodie Sire's house in Dieppe pinned for a long while now.  The mix of raspberry reds, airy green-blues and deep charcoal that flow through the rooms, into the hall tiles and continue on in the stair runner never lose their fascination for me.  Restful but in no way bland, fresh, but in keeping with the age of the house.  More photos over at Nuevo Estilo and a few starters on how to recreate the style below.

Elodie Sires Dieppe House

Camille Dark Pink linen mix fabric, Kate Forman; Fiesta encaustic cement tiles, Rebecca Hayes Interiors; Mylands Beaufort Gardens  paint 212; Paint & Paper Squid Ink paint; Daplyn wool runner, Tim Page Carpets.