Colour trend: Pink + Orange

Have you noticed that combinations of orange and pink are popping up everywhere lately? A vibrant and intense pairing, it often conjures a 70s vibe.  However, with a generous dose of white, the impression is fresh, bright and energetic.  When a softer pink is the dominant colour, punches of orange stop the room feeling too soft or romantic.  Although this combination is often seen in girls' bedrooms, I think it would work fantastically for an energetic and creative work space!

Not for the faint-of-heart, the easiest way to introduce this duo would be to utilise a fabric that brings the colours together, many of which are toiles.  I often feel that a room needs a touch of black, but in this case, stick to whites unless you want it to look more boho. A dash of emerald green will bring balance if you feel something is lacking.

L-R: Jon Robshaw collection fabrics, Bengale from Manuel Canovas, Pampas from House of Hackney, Balleroy from Manuel Canovas.