Traditional cottage kitchen

Brandon House is a wonderful 400 year old cottage in Gloucestershire.  Its owners love it and have made various updates over the years, but were a little stuck on the kitchen layout. Serving as the main route in and out of the house, it had many doors coming off it and a less than ideal WC situated right next to it. 

Internal walls and poor cupboard positioning were blocking light from the windows, exacerbating the impact of the low ceiling and a change in floor level was proving tricky to plan around.

The clients already knew they wanted a modern, fresher take on a country cottage kitchen and had already invested in an Aga, which we supplemented with an electric module so that the main stove can be turned off in Summer if necessary. The narrow opening to the adjacent dining room was widened and shifted slightly to enable sufficient work space around the Aga, which could not easily be moved due to the position of service pipes. The clients also agreed to resite the WC to a different part of the house and to address the differing floor levels to enhance the sense of space and continuity.  Somewhat controversially, the pantry cupboard was removed; it was blocking light ingress into the room and taking up a lot of space without providing much functionality. 

Congestion around the main entrance was reduced by creating a straight run of cabinets and an additional dresser was positioned in the dining room to lighten the storage burden in the limited space of the kitchen.

Once the plans were finalised, the clients selected Harrison & Pope to create the kitchen for them. Result: a light and bright kitchen which maximises a sense of space without compromising on cosiness and traditional style!