Working with strong colours

Earlier in the week I went to check up on progress on a huge project I have been fortunate enough to be working on to convert a large Victorian building previously used as office space back into a family home. The clients wanted a strong and bold colour palette, and I was happy to work this brief given the high ceilings, large rooms and intricate architectural details of the house.  I am so pleased about how this is shaping up.  The photos are poor quality iPhone ones, the lighting is still reliant on builders' emergency lights and there is protective film over many of the windows.  But trust me when I say that these colours are stunning and totally immersive! Not without controversy, admittedly; I'm not sure the decorator is absolutely convinced!

Settling on colours that create a sense of 'flow' through the house was a significant challenge here and was highly reliant on advance planning.  The main colour theme is loosely based on a tertiary colour triadic scheme of red-violet, blue-green and yellow-orange in various hues, with support coming through the mid-point colours; a red-orange based palest pink, blue-violet and greys with a green-yellow undertone.  A dominant colour in one room may pop up in a much diluted or intensified version as a small accent in a neighbouring room. It is quite complex to manage so many colours across such a large space and my trusty colour-wheel has become my best friend, but having a plan and boundaries is invaluable in the process of making suitable selections.  I also keep a master plan of every paint colour and wallcovering used as we work through the house, which makes appropriate choices more limited as we progress.  Given the endless choice of colours and papers on the market, restricting choice is a good thing!

I am so excited to see this project coming together and looking forward to sharing more images with you.

What do you think? Could you / would you go this bold in your own home? Remember, if you are unsure about managing colour with confidence in your home, I can help — contact me to let me know your situation.