We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.
— T.S. Eliot


When I was younger I had two main pastimes:  taking things apart and putting them back together (much to my parents' annoyance!) and reading and writing stories.   Little has changed ―  I now spend my time mentally disassembling and reconstructing spaces and working with my clients to tell their story through their homes.

It took a little while to realise that I could apply  these passions to a career in design... but as a result I bring a vast array of life experience and inspirations to my projects.  I listen, without judging or dictating and I work with my clients to deliver what they need (not always what they first think they need!).  In collaboration, we create spaces that are beautiful, enhance and enable their lifestyles and reflect the story of who they are.

After obtaining a degree in English Literature from Cambridge University, I pursued a career in PR and marketing,  renovated several properties, relocated a couple of times and acquired a family.  By this time, I had become a walking, talking reference library of paint colours, fabrics and furnishings and I decided that the time had come to take action!  I retrained at Inchbald School of Design to gain a Diploma in Interior Design and Decoration with Distinction and am now working in a freelance capacity for both individuals and design consultancies. 

We had lots of different ideas when we asked Nadia to come and have a look at redesigning our kitchen / utility space. Nadia listened to us with great patience, and helped us focus our ideas. She came up with a great design, which was in keeping both with an old house and our modern needs. Highly recommend her services.
— Jo and Ian, S. Gloucestershire